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Desert Storm strats Desert10

This looks confusing, but you'll get it. The reason why I add only 1 dot, because we wanna hold the 3 main positions.

A top
Mid alley

The reason why is because with A top we can see if they are gonna go for an A rush.

Mid alley is to see if there going to go B.

A-Tunnel so we don't get flanked, and the bomb on A.

If we keep that, and don't push wait for them to come out we should do fine. If they do go for A. Everybody on A top or near A turns around and waits for them to walk out of the tunnel.

There's no real flaws to this plan, because we've created this barrier with only 3 people. So there's a higher chance to get spotted, and after 4 v 4. Everything is kinda unnecessary, but there still people to do work. It just helps us spot more. At 5 v 5 when the black guy is standing at that window he can predict if there going A tunnel before the guy at the end.

Does it work?

Definitely. It does take communication which we have. If we know there going be. We are a step ahead of them. We know what to do to get in there and defuse it. The plan does take cooperation We need everybody to listen, and to work together.

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